Ellen De Vries

The Hilton Sisters. The siamese twins.

These two are a work in progress. They’re siamese twins called Daisy and Violet – based on the Hilton sisters who lived in Brighton in the 1930s.

In this video we’re just messing about – trying to work out whether they’d be best manipulated as a marionette.

Silvianola, the puppet who comes with her own power station.

This is Silvianola, a commissioned puppet for Silvia’s 40th Birthday. She comes with a miniature Italian powerstation that plays Happy Birthday on a little music box mechanism.

Making a life-size puppet

A few more pictures of Baba, the Russian Gypsy – and a few from the making of Baba – because she’s the next one lined up for a gig.

She’s going to appear in her own booth at Playgroup festival – come and get your fortune told, ask the pendulum a question, see her levitate objects, or get her to do voodoo (for love only) on your behalf.

Welcome to Electric Belly

Thanks for stopping by. This is a scrapbook, sketchbook and diary for my fledgling puppet making, puppetry and writings.