The black puppets for White Night.

Here are some images for the walk-through puppet performance we did for Brighton’s White Night 2011 as the intro to Jake Spicer’s drawing ‘heaven’. The theme was Utopia and Dystopia.

I’d like to warmly thank Jake Spicer, Silvia Laurenti, Ady Griffiths, Petra Bongartz, Daisy Jordan, Zoe Gray, Helen Keevy, Ollie Bettany, Robert White, Tess Howell, Andy Hume, Sarah Nell Walpole, James Green and Wendy Greenhalgh for all the work you put in. And thanks to Andygintonic on Flickr for the photography too.

It was a great experience, hopefully it won’t be long before I concoct some more plans so we can work together again…

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